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Product Type: Massager
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- Deep Tissue Percussion Ares Gun Massager With 6 Adjustable Speed Level And 4 Detachable Head, Cordless Handheld Percussion Thera Massager Gun Deep Tissue For Muscles Deep Relaxation.

- Percussion Massage Gun – Massage Gun Can Help You Relieve Muscle Stiffness And Soreness, Enhance And Expedite Muscle Recovery, Improve The Overall Health Of The Body’S Soft Tissues. Using The Muscle Massager, You Can Prevent Fasciitis And Relief Of Aches Such As Bruises, Stiff Neck, Sore Shoulder, Backache.

- Super Quiet & Good Heat Dissipation – Our Advanced Technology Ensures The Quality And Safety Of Our Muscle Massage Gun. With Good Heat Dissipation System, The Massage Gun Will Not Crash When You Use It. Meanwhile, Comparatively Quiet Motor Won't Produce Large Noise.

- Four Replaceable Massager Heads & Six Adjustable Speed Level – Ares Massage Gun Is Equipped With 4 Professional Massage Heads, Including Round, Fork, Flat And Bullet Head To Better Relax All Parts Of Your Body. 6 Different Speeds Setting Is Enough For Your Full Body Care, Not Only For Professional Athletes, But Also For Family Health Care And Sports Fitness Relaxation.

- Ergonomic Lightweight Design – The Ergonomic Metal Alloy Massager Body Ensures That The Massage Gun Is Not Only Lightweight But Also Durable.The Silicone Grip Is Soft And Easy On The Hands, Prevent Slips And Falls From Hand And Ensure You Have Full Control Of The Frequency And Intensity Of Your Muscle Therapy.

- High-Quality Massage Device – Super Enjoyable Deep Tissue Massage At Home / Car / Office / Gym. Great Ideal Gift For Men, Women, Parents And Friends In Special Days.

Why Choosing The Ares Gun Massager For Muscle?
- 4 Replaceable Massage Heads - Meet All Your Need.
- Ultra-Low Noise - Enjoy Your Relaxation Time.
- Helps Soothe Muscle Fatigue, Soreness, Stiffness.
- Assist In Sports And Fitness Training More Effectively.
- Speed Up Muscle Recovery. Slow Tissue Accumulation.
- Increase Blood Circulation Speed.
- Self-Treatment Of Muscles, Joints And Stretching Positions.

Configuration And Specification:
- Power On/Off Button.
- Power Level Indicator Lamp Led (Red).
- Frequency Level Indicator Lamp Led (Blue).
- Handle Removable Battery.
- Removable, Replaceable Vibration Head.
- Dc Charging Port.
- Ac Wall Charger.


آريس جن مساجر جهاز تدليك وتنشيط العضلات والأنسجة العميقة مع 6 سرعات قابلة للتعديل و 4 رؤوس قابل للفصل، محمول وقابل للشحن، إن جهاز مساج العضلات والأنسجة لديه محرك قوي بتقنية تقليل الضوضاء التي توفر طاقة عالية وبحيث تكون تجربة ضوضاء منخفضة ومحرك قوي بدون عزم دوران عالي، يتميز بتردد وسرعة عالية. يمكنك استخدامه في المنزل، السيارة، الصالة الرياضية والمكتب

لماذا يجب عليك إختيار جهاز المساج آريس جن مساجر؟

- أربع رؤوس تدليك قابلة للاستبدال لتلبية جميع احتياجاتك
- ضجيج منخفض للغاية مما يجعلك تستمتع بوقت الإسترخاء
- يساعد على تنشيط وتهدئة العضلات من التوتر والتعب والتصلب
- المساعدة أثناء ممارسة الرياضة وتدريب اللياقة البدنية بشكل أكثر فعالية
- تسريع شفاء العضلات
- زيادة سرعة الدورة الدموية
- العلاج الذاتي للعضلات والمفاصل والتمدد


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